Monday, September 04, 2006

Passing for Normal

Part of what I wanted to do when I started this blog is record my recollection of the events following the flood while I still remember them sharply. Likely my memory is not as accurate through the fog of the events and I reserve the right to some dramatic license.

Some of the things I that happened I didn't want to record immediately, things like The Raid. If the porous perimeter had been widely known, likely security would have been tightened.

We were also too preoccupied with stress, and activity to take time to record what was happening as it happened.

I guess I'm proof you can get used to anything, My life is obviously not normal but at present we seem to be settling into something that passes for normal. A routine of abnormal activities like talking daily to insurance adjusters, contractors and generally coping, all the while living in an eight by thirty tin can.

We seemed to have turned a corner lately in our lives. Things are less hectic and less stressful. The recent commemoration of the one year anniversary has lead to personal reflections. I am planing to get back recording my recollections.

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