Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I am watching "Bones" in Atlanta and it is full of voo-doo, as if New Orleans is submerged in voo-doo.

I especially liked the snake in the morgue.

When did voo-doo become a part of the cause of the flood?

How did someone who rescued people during Katrina get swept away when the levees broke.

I'm glad I'm not paying attention.


Sophmom said...

Oooo.... I'm glad I changed the channel after the first Bones and watched Criminal Minds instead. Actually, I didn't really watch. First the phone rang, then the food needed to be put away (wasn't someone else supposed to be doing that?) and then the clothes needed to be folded. *sigh* Never enough hours.

bayoustjohndavid said...

I planed to link to this on my last post but ran out of time. I thought it was too funny to be offensive. Right after Katrina, when nothing was working, they were able to go out and have a normal dinner? That's not the way I remember it being last October,nothing would have been open in September. At least they didn't speak French or redneck.