Monday, December 11, 2006

Sean Payton is a God

His play calling was beyond great. He beat the Big Tuna every which way.


mominem said...


Having spent the last three years on Parcells' staff, Payton knew exactly how to attack the Cowboys -- and Drew Brees pulled it off perfectly, tying his career high with five touchdown passes, all before the third quarter ended. New Orleans finally showed mercy in the fourth period, even taking a knee from inside the 5 well before the two-minute warning.

Brees finished 26-of-38 for 384 yards, all without throwing a pass in the fourth quarter.

ashley said...

I have a monstrous ego, and never thought any Saints coaches were smarter than I was. Especially Haslett.

Now, I yield all to Payton. Brilliant.

dillyberto said...

Parcells has been hailed as the ultra-coach, the coach maker, the trunk of the coaching tree.

Payton started chopping it down last night!