Monday, December 11, 2006

Jingle, Jangle, Jingle - He's Baaaack ...

I don't shop. She Shops, or rather She buys stuff. Shopping would imply that She browses through merchandise comparing and selecting. She is much more direct that that. She is also fast. She calls it BlitzShopping.

She started Christmas shopping and made one of her occasional trips to Dillard's. She came home with one of these plush Bingles.

She also bought one of these tree ornaments. You can't read it but it says Mr. Bingle 2006 on his jacket.

I miss the giant Mr. Bingle that Maison Blanche put up on Canal Street. Do you think Dillard's and the Ritz-Carlton could get together to continue the tradition?

Dillard's is offering collections of Bingles, for people who want to restore their collection or start a new one.
They also have a website, which has all sorts of Binglemania, including the Story of Mr. Bingle.


ashley said...

That giant Maison Blanche Bingle is supposedly at City Park!

mominem said...

There is something special about the big guy flying over Canal Street.

I have always worked in the CBD and until Maison Blanche and Holmes closed I did almost all of my Christmas Shopping between Mr. Bingle and the D. H. Holmes clock.