Thursday, December 21, 2006

Emergency Living Unit Blog Crue

Back when I started Tin Can Trailer Trash someone wrote that I was the only person in New Orleans blogging from a FEMA Trailer. I didn't know if that was true then and I still don't.

I do know that there are now several other New Orleans Bloggers living in FEMA "Emergency Living Units".

I think we need to Organize.

I propose we establish the Emergency Living Unit Blog Crue
"to unite fraternally all autocampers" 'Emergency Living Unit Residents' and promote "friendliness among campers residents, decent behavior and to secure plenty of clean, wholesome entertainment for those in camp "Emergency Living Units".

The only requirement for membership is to have blogged while residing in a FEMA "Emergency Living Unit".

I know of several potential members and am looking for more. I hope the Blogosphere will do its thing and help me unite all Survivors in ELUBC.

NOLA Bloggers

Tin Can Trailer Trash
Tim's Nameless Blog
Michael Homan
Kalypso The Odyssey
PH Fred at Humid City
Gentilly Girl
Gulf Sails

Other candidates I found on the Internet.

Confessions of a Wannabe Princess
Jason Sampler
Paula's Pad
Kitchen Politics
Cool Will Gee
Kevin Gallagher
David and Beth
Wendy Michele

I actually may have found several more potential members, but I couldn't be sure they had actually blogged while living in a FEMA "Emergency Living Unit".

We need to recruit someone to devise "an initiation ceremony that teaches the prospective member the secret handshake, sign, and password. After singing the official song (which still needs to be written) the trailerite will become an official member of the Emergency Living Unit Blog Crue". We are looking for someone to volunteer to develop an official logo and blog banner so that members of ELUBC can identify themselves.

Maybe in a year or two we can organize Bonus March on Washington, just like the old days.

We could use a better name.


Loki said...

PH Fred needs to be the one t write the song! Trust me, if you have heard any of his music you will know why.

(I'm about typed out fr the day, but remind me to blog about this or geet Fred to do so)

Bayou Chica said...

Yes, I was blogging from my FEMA trailer for 11 months and 2 weeks. I even spent 9 months pregnant in it. Talk about the place getting really small by the end of the 9th month.
Bayou Chica

mominem said...

bayou chica,

I salute you and your perseverance.

Welcome to the ELUBC. I hope you'll keep in touch.

When did you get out?

Bayou Chica said...

October 6, 2006 was THE big day.

GentillyGirl said...

When this is all over, do ya's think we could build a "Floodhenge" using the ELUs?

Tim said...

I'm sure there's a high-powered (i.e., high- priced) PR firm out there that can come up with a catchy name, slogan and jingle for this group. Do you think we can get FEMA to pay for it?



Sailor said...

Well, I have FINALLY found a cottage I can afford and will be moving out of the ELU next month. I can hardly wait. If anyone ever asks me to go camping, I swear I'll punch them! (14 months in a ELU)

Anonymous said...

How are y'all's ELUs holding up in the rain? My brother is having problems with lots of leaks when it rains. Was curious if anyone else is having the same problems. Hopefully he will be living in it for one more month, as his house is almost finished.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is how they can be called "Emergency Living Units" when we have been living in them for 16 months or more. How long can an Emergency go on??