Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rising Tide New Orleans 2006

A group of bloggers are working very hard to help New Orleans recover. They have organized the Rising Tide New Orleans 2006 convention August 25-27, 2006.

I am grateful and humbled that this group of passionate citizens invited me to the initial planning. I only started blogging on June 29 , 2006. I had never met any of them so I was flattered to attend the initial organizational meeting held only about a month after I started this blog.

When I showed up at that meeting I reserved my identity and everyone respected my preference to remain private. I appreciate the respect they all had for my wishes.

I should explain why I decided to remain private not for my own sake but because I am concerned that if I (or anyone else) become identified with any group, the "others" will discount me. I have no concept of the "others" myself. As far as I am concerned we are all New Orleanians, in this together, sink or swim.

Although I am not a native of New Orleans, in the more than thirty years I have lived here I have grown to love and cherish New Orleans as a unique place in all of the earth. I consider it a privilege to be able to live here.

The Rising Tide organizers all feel the same way. They are working hard to help our city recover from a near death blow. The breadth of their commitment, involvement and passion is astonishing.

I believe that if all the people who love this city for many different reasons and from many different perspectives come together with goodwill, open hearts and open minds, we will be able to rebuild a stronger, healthier more vibrant city for the future.

I hope many people attend this citizen organized conference and contribute their passion for our home.

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oyster said...

First, thanks for your help mominem! I appreciate your involvement and your suggestions. See you Tuesday at NOYC.

Also, I heartily echo all your sentiments from the post, and as another "anonymous blogger" (now semi-anonymous) I understand your feelings about identity.

I can't wait until 2026, when I can say that I've lived in N.O. thirty years. Let's all work together to make the next two decades a renewal for New Orleans that we can all take pride in.