Monday, August 28, 2006

Martha and Me.

I like my beer in a glass, so we have several kinds of beer glasses from mugs to pilsener glasses. My favorite is the tall pilsener glass. When we cleaned out the house we salvaged ours but unfortunately we also packed and stored them so I won't see them for a while.

I began to miss the little ritual of pouring a beer into a glass and watching the bubbles, waiting for the foam to subside. I decided I could afford the cabinet space for a few pilsener glasses in order to resemble a normal life. Sometimes it's the little things like that that help make you comfortable .

I set out to buy a few cheap pilsener glasses. Has anyone else noticed how hard it is to buy anything in New Orleans? First I'm not spending much money (I think I'm going to need it before I move home), secondly I'm trying to spend it in the city because I think it's the right thing to do, third I don't have any place to put anything anyway. If anyone knows any reasonable place to buy things in New Orleans, I'd like to hear about it.

Eventually I broke down and bought four Martha Stewart pilsener glasses in at the Super K-Mart in Metairie. They are plain clear glass with an etched stripe around the top ($10.99 of 4).

Since that purchase I've been back purchasing a number of Martha's things, including a cute little ceramic spoon holder, a heavy glass butter disk with cover and a floral printed napkin and table cloth set.

I figure she and I now have something in common, her cell was probably smaller than my trailer. I wonder if the stripes are a signal to the other ex-cons out there, a sort of secret signal for the krewe or something.


rcs said...

Marshall's has nice stuff at good prices, but it's a crapshoot. I've picked up very decent glassware there, including v. nice crystal champagne flutes.

Cost Plus World Market has decent cheap glassware as well.

Anonymous said...

August 29, 2006

Your post for today is the eloquent and heartbreaking. I've been trying to think of what I could possibly say to you today, but have ditched 3 attempts.

Your memorial post says it all.

Last night as I watched Brian Williams relive his days in New Orleans, the horror of the situation rose like the flood waters. And I wasn't even there to experience it.

I am so grateful for everyone who has survived, so concerned that you get what you need, and so sorry that you're still suffering.

Frankly, you and Martha have always had a lot in common! ;-) If Martha knew it, she'd be proud the share characteristics with you and She.

With you in mind and spirit....