Thursday, August 17, 2006


I though I had invented the word, but I guess not, google has one and only one hit to a PDF I didn't understand (If you can tell me what its about I'd be mildly interested).

Wrongformation is information which is either completely or partly wrong or omits information critical to many people. It is a form of mis-information which is likely to cause people to make objectively bad decisions.

A Current Example.

Recently there has been a lot of media coverage of the Insurance Commissioners efforts to get insurance companies to waive or extend the proscriptive period specified in their policies. He has been apparently successful in getting most of the companies to agree. For that he should he congratulated and he has been doing a lot of the congratulating for himself, after all he is running for office.

Unfortunately neither he nor any of the radio or TV broadcasts I heard have bothered to explain the difference between the Property Insurance which covers Wind Damage and the Flood Insurance which obviously covers floods. The vast majority of the damage suffered in New Orleans due to the levee break is due to flooding. Flood Insurance is a Federal Program and as a Federal Program it is exempt from State regulation. The agreements recently made with the Property and Casualty Insurance companies do not have any thing to do with Flood Insurance.

I think the Insurance Commissioner should say the at the beginning of every paragraph. As far as I know and as far as I can find out FEMA has not extended the cut off dates for Flood Insurance, past their original extension which was for one year.

If you still have issues with your Flood Insurance you still need to do something now.

I hope I'm wrong.

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