Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fixing the Trailer

I have now had the experience of calling for service on my trailer.

The first time I called was when we discovered that the trailer battery was missing. I hesitate to say stolen, because FEMA might have given it to a more deserving trailer. I can say there was definitely a battery there when the trailer was delivered because the lights worked before we had power connected.

We found out it was missing during one of the Entergy blackouts. Since the battery was housed in a nice plastic box. We couldn't tell it was missing until we needed it. I called FEMA. They promptly gave me the correct number to call for Fluor trailer service. Fluor promptly told me they were transitioning to a new maintenance provider and gave me another number. I called them. They sent someone out the next day with a new battery.

Unfortunately he hooked it up backwards, leading to all sorts of interesting problems. The Refer didn't work (It runs on Propane and 12V power) nor did the vent hood. Neither did the inverter, it promptly blew its main fuses. The lights did work, but they were getting dimmer all the time. In the guys defense although the trailer uses a marine battery but it looks a lot like a car battery. My trailer at least uses an electric color code kind of like a building. In a car the positive lead is red and the negative ground is black. In a house you have different color wires, white is neutral (similar to negative), black or red are hot (similar to positive) and green is ground. On the trailer positive is black and the negative is white with a red connector. Confused yet?I called and the maintenance contractor promptly sent out a real electrician who properly diagnosed the problem and fixed it. He was unable to replace the blown fuses, he didn't have any the right size. I went to three auto parts stores before I found them. The first two were sold out. I wonder why?

The whole experience wasn't too bad, it only took two visits by maintenance and a trip to the auto parts store to get it working properly again, but then I know a few things.

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Tim said...

Ha, you made out okay! Right after we moved in to our trailer we had a leak under the sink. This was the weekend, so when we called we were told up to 48 hours because this was not an emergency. After mopping up the floor for two days, we called again and were told Friday afternoon.

Although a big pain, my wife figured out that we could just shut off the water outside and the leak was greatly reduced.

After nobody showed Friday afternoon, we were told Saturday. After no one showed Saturday, I got down on the floor and started to take the cabinet apart. I found a loose fitting near the hot water heater.

Finally, after I had fixed it we were called on Sunday by a person asking for directions to the trailer. Too late, we said.

The next day, a leak developed under the bath sink and I fixed it right away.

So you got better service than we did, that's for sure. But what can you really expect free for nothing?

Great blog, keep it going,