Monday, August 21, 2006

The Truth about New Orleans

Everyone wants to know the truth about New Orleans, here it is.

The Truth is that everyone here knew that someday the "Big One" is going to land and drown the city. We all hoped that we would be lucky enough to survive until either the flood protection was strengthened or we didn't need to worry about in anymore.

The Truth is Katrina wasn't the 'Big One". The levees, at least in New Orleans, were designed to survive that level of water, especially in the lake. The failure of the levees was a human failure and the Corps was in charge.

The Truth is Louisiana has a morally corrupt political culture based on dividing people and fighting over pieces of the pie instead of working together to bake more pies.

The Truth is New Orleans has been in relative economic decline since the middle of the 19th century and in absolute decline for a generation. Katrina might have accelerated the decline, although it could also have a cleansing and reinvigorating effect.

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