Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Splish, Splash, Taking a Bath

The Lavatory is only slightly larger than an airplane lavatory, although I couldn't actually find out how big one is online. I suppose I'll try to measure one next time I fly.

I did find this on an airline travel website.
As far as US airlines go, Continental Airlines has some roomier-than-average accessible lavatories on their 777s. These accessible lavatories are 45 inches wide and 35 inches deep. Granted, after the fixtures are installed it's a bit tight; with only 23 inches in front of the toilet and 21 inches on the side of the toilet.
The lavatory in the trailer is 36" x 60" including a 24" x 36" shower. Making the lavatory area about 36" x 36". I have 15" in front of the toilet and 17" to the wide side, including the counter.

The Lavatory in this photo is just like mine.

Taking a shower the first few times was interesting. The ceiling in the trailer is low at only at 76" and I am a little tall at 74". The shower sits on top of the floor, so it is raised somewhat. You actually step up into it. I don't fit, fortunately there is a skylight directly over the shower and my head sticks up into it.

Then there is the problem that my arms are longer than the lavatory is wide. I can't wash or dry my back without banging the sides of the shower or sometimes the ceiling. Because of the limited space I can't dry myself as I normally would, leading to all sorts of contortions to dry my back and legs.

I guess this proves you can get used to anything. I got a back brush and a couple of 3M medium hooks along with a body scrubber on a a string and hung it in the shower. I can now take a shower with only a little inconvenience. One nice feature is the shower is on hose and the shower head can be lifted out and used as a sprayer.

I won't describe the contortions required to operate the marine type toilet.


Oberon said...

.......hang in there.....or move north.

Linda said...

Your grace, humor, patience and insight (as well as hers) remind us - who were unaffected by Katrina's cruelty and our government's inaction - of our responsibility to heed the lyrics of our past: C'mon people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, time to love one another right now.

Yes, we need more individual responsibility in our society, but no man your height should EVER be forced to bathe in a tub that size!

Next excursion? Try DC. You and she know whom to call!!!