Saturday, July 22, 2006

Before and After

More than just a Wheel of Fortune puzzle title it represents the change in all of our lives. The more I talk to people from Outside the more I understand they don't have a clue. They may think they do but they don't.

No one who hasn't seen the situation can begin to understand and even then they don't, if they haven't lived it.

They can't understand why we just don't call a roofer/plumber/contractor or why our insurance company hasn't responded.

I was listening to the radio today as I ran some errands and two major insurance companies totaling more than 40% of the policies in the state are under investigation by the state Commissioner of Insurance, for failing to comply with state law.

On top of all the destruction which is easily verified, we have allegations of corporate wrong doing.

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judyb said...

Yuppers. Look at what Allstate's up to:

Since the beginning, we've heard nothing but horror stories
about insurance companies. Allstate has taken scumsucking
to a new level