Monday, July 24, 2006


She loves to barbecue. Unusual since burning meat outside is usually viewed as a male predilection. She's one of the few women I know who likes to cook on the barbecue grill. We are barbecue purists, we believe in charcoal under a simple grill.

One of the first things we recovered when we got back home was our Weber grill. We had moved it inside as precaution against wind damage. Unfortunately we failed to anticipate the three and one half feet of water in our house. It survived the flood, without apparent damage except for some minor rust. The Weber seemed just fine to me but She was initially concerned it was 'contaminated'. Since it was a cherished object of veneration, complete with burnt offerings we set it aside to contemplate later.

After I moved into the trailer I decided that I could clean it off and try to use it again. I hosed it down inside and out. I think that got all of the seriously bad stuff out of it (if there actually was any to begin with). I decided that since "cooking it kills it" if I set fire to the thing with lots of charcoal and lighter fluid, I'd be OK.

It's worked so far.

Every time She comes to town we burn some ribs usually with sausage and occasionally chicken breasts. Our repertoire is a little limited because we like ribs so much, and there is no better way to fix them than to smoke them slowly over a covered charcoal fire until the meat separates from the bone, almost by itself.

Another advantage to cooking outside is it dramatically increases the living area we have available. An eight by thirty by seven foot high box is just a little confining. Fortunately we were able to set our trailer in the back yard, so we aren't out on the street when we cook out.

Last weekend we discovered a new living area. We have finally cleaned out out the carport enough so that we can park our cars in it. With all of the thundershowers Saturday and Sunday we moved the Weber into the carport and fired it up. As it turns out the weather cleared and we had a very pleasant afternoon/evening.

Now if I could only figure out how to work the awning on the trailer.


dangerblond said...

This is a great post. I have a grill but I don't know how to barbeque. My son left it here when he moved to NY.

mominem said...

Give in to the Amazon inside and try it.

There is nothing better.

Jen said...

I don't think we could survive without ours. I agree that *nothing* tastes better than ribs smoked on a grill till they're falling off the bone. I'm curious, is it true that ~southern~ BBQ is an art form? We have places in town (Fort Wayne) that advertise "New Orleans Style" or "Southern Style", but I've never tried them. I've always been under the impression that *Cajun* means really, really spicy.

A. said...

I've never heard of New Orleans style - I wonder what that is. Dipped in bourbon maybe? ;-)

LatinTeacher said...

I love your blog. Your style of writing, your subject matter, and your grace are beyond the words I have for description. This latest post made me long for home more than I can say. I miss barbecuing on my grill on Prytania after parades and then nearly every evening in the summer. The food that I cook up here in PA just doesn't taste the same. Now if I can just convince my wife to move back home with me...

PS - You have an awning. Awesome.

dangerblond said...

Mominem, have you read Right Hand Thief, Humid City and Editor B today? Must read for a Tin Canner. Are you aware that no one from the media can interview you in your trailer without a FEMA official present?

mominem said...

Thanks dangerblond for pointing that out to me. I'm pretty amazed at what appears to have happened.

Fortunately my trailer is on my own lot, and I have never seen an actual FEMA official.

judyb said...

Mmmmm....barbecue! do you precook your ribs first?

My hubby insists on charcoal over the gas grills. I agree. Love the smell when he lights up the charcoal chimney!!

Great post, thanks!!!

mominem said...

Absolutelt Not. She smokes our ribs over a low heat.

If you precook them that are faster but don't get the same smokey flavor.