Sunday, July 16, 2006

New Orleans Neighborhoods Rebuilding Plan.

I think this is important. We all need to participate, tell everyone you know. Send them there to comment, ask questions and participate. I have been blogging only a short time and I couldn't anticipate the elation I felt on my receiving my first comment. It is an endorphin high. It is intoxicating and also isolating. I feel isolated enough.

I have my point of view and I'm sure you do to. I beg each of you to express your opinions there in forceful, respectful, coherent comment. Principled debate of the issues facing us is a powerful tool.

At the present time the forums are virtually barren.

These forums have the potential to become a major engine of civic participation the re-population is important, but it is an interactive engine and needs interaction.

Thanks to the Third Battle of New Orleans for bringing this site to my attention.


Karen said...

those brochures were distributed in April. The website was up but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that you could register. for the fourums .it is very very strange and I am unsure if they even read it.

mominem said...

Who are "they"?

It doesn't matter. It is sorta official and sorta typical.

If there is a critical mass of comments "they" can't ignore it.

Karen said...

"They" being Sheila Danzey and Company..The Planners that were hired etc. If they read it there would be some give and take and create another stream of information..

Schroeder said...

It is strange indeed. I agree with Karen. There are so many different organizations and planning endeavors, it's difficult to figure out how it's all going to be knit together. At that last Neighborhoods Planning Network meeting, one of the most interesting comments was the one about how officials need to start getting behind a process -- whichever one it is. It seems like the GNOF/neighborhoods plan is the one they should support.

Anonymous said...

The new Unified Web Site

mominem said...

Thanks Anonymous. I mean it.

I hope you spread this as far as you can, I'll do my bit here.

The following rant is not directed at you, nor at anyone in particular, except "them" and they who know who they are.

; begin rant
Just what we need, yet another empty web site by yet another foundation. They don't even bother to describe themselves or their team.

I have my own plan and it doesn't involve them.

I still think the forums at the New Orleans Neighborhood plan have enormous potential to engage the citizens across the city in a way isolated meeting of neighborhood quasi-activists can't.

I can imagine millions of bloggers/blogees/bloggettes invading and creating an electronic agora that breaks down the social and geographic barriers which separate all New Orleanians. That would be indispensable and unprecedented.
; end rant

Karen said...

The content is "supposed" to be on that site on Monday. I was at the meeting today and believe me you do not get more jaded than me. I usually post my name but got lazy.