Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hanging Out

Where do you put stuff? One thing we discovered early on is that here is no place to put anything.

This was especially true of wet stuff. Things like towels, whether kitchen, hand or bath. The trailer has a single 24" towel bar mounted on the bathroom door. A trailer could benefit from a place to hang things in a lot of places. The question is how to install hangers, after all FEMA owns the trailer. I wouldn't want to lose my deposit.

I had seen some adhesive mounted hooks in different stores. I went looking for them and finally found 3M Command Adhesives at Lowe's they seemed like the perfect answer. I am supposed to be able to remove them whenever I want. Since 3M has a great reputation for research and innovation, I felt like that was the way to go, so we did.

I went crazy. I have installed medium hooks in the kitchen (to hold dish towels), large hooks in the bathroom (to hold wet bath towels) and small hooks inside the shower (to hold wet wash cloths, my back brush and Her scrubbing 'puff''). I even installed cable clips, but that's another story I'll get to later. I'd put more up, if I could think of where to put them. [Any Ideas?]

When I'm ready to move out I'll be able to remove all of the hooks without damage to the finish (according to 3M).

After some consideration, I have estimated the design life of a travel trailer i about 10 years or 180 days of occupancy, whichever comes first. I've lived in mine about 7 months or 210 days. I think that we are already beyond the design life of a travel trailer. We are already seeing some wear failures and who knows what we can't see.

I hear that FEMA will sell the occupants 'theirs' for nominal price, but I will believe it when I see it, especially if the trailer is well taken care of.

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