Thursday, July 20, 2006


We have decided that we need to take approximately monthly forays into the real world. I'll try to write about these excursions both past and future from time to time. I'm also thinking about writing about our expeditions into New Orleans immediately After.

On the subject of subjects I already have the stubs of more than forty unfinished posts, including the story of getting and setting up our trailer. These episodes have already blurred in my mind and the actual dates could be determined but are not really that important, so I'll do it from memory, faulty or not.

Any requests or questions are welcome.

Since we seem to be split between Atlanta and New Orleans we are planning excursions from both places.

We are planning an excursion to Huntsville AL, in September. We have already taken excursions to Abbeyville & Lake Charles, Kiawah Island SC, Chattanooga TN and East TX. In the future we are thinking of Ashville NC, Perdido Key FL, Key West FL, and Ft. Lauderdale / Hollywood FL. That should take us through the end of the year.

Suggestions and comments on our choices are welcome, please feel free to offer them.


Jen said...

Hi. I came across your blog kind of by mistake, but I'm glad I found it. I'm from northern Indiana, so the only things I see or hear about your situation are from the media. It's surreal to read a first hand account from someone living it. You've brought it home for me. Keep it going. My heart and prayers go to you and yours.

Karen said...

They have a lot of inof

also Road Food Good Food By the Sterns..We like to eat/drive/eat/drive sleep

rcs said...

Definitely do Key West if you can (I'm posting from there now :) Very laid-back, "French-Quarter-with-a-beach" environment. Low season runs through the end of September, I believe - pretty insanely hot until then, but better deals on accomodations.

Schroeder said...

I've always been interested in Dismals Canyon.

ashley said...

Hit Hattiesburg for one reason: Miss Leatha's BBQ. Where God eats BBQ when he comes to earth, and where he orders from when he ain't.

dangerblond said...

Go to the space museum in Huntsville. They have the Tin Can that landed on the moon. You will think the trailer is Rancho Grande.

Also, near Huntsville, in Cullman, Alabama, is a place called The Ave Maria Grotto.

It's a miniature Jerusalem crafted over 40 years by one priest. It's really facinating.

mominem said...

Thanks for all the suggestions.