Friday, July 14, 2006

FEMA Style

I have, in the course of my wanderings around New Orleans, observed a few things about trailers.

Recently there have been a lot of news stories about FEMA not picking up travel trailers from people who no longer need or want them. I have a feeling many people signed up for trailers without really thinking it through and then either didn't need to want them. One of my neighbors, ordered up a trailer. It was installed and connected to the water and sewer but he decided not to occupy it. The electricity was never connected, although some work was done.

He decided to sell his house and that the trailer was in the way of that. He has been trying to give it back. I frequently see people standing around looking at it, but it's still there. Anyone still waiting for a FEAM trailer? I know where an unused one is sitting, looking for love it has a slightly damaged house attached which can also be had for the right price.

Sometime after he told us he was giving it back, a crew of six showed up with two pickup trucks and a long trailer. They spent the entire day constructing a brand new chrome checker plate stair to the trailer. I have no idea what was wrong with the old one, it was just left in my driveway, until She told them to get it off our property. Something is definitely wrong somewhere. Those six guys should have been disconnecting the trailer and moving it somewhere useful.

I have also observed that about half (a very unscientific sample) of the trailers I see have no electric meters. Why that is I have no idea, I thought FEMA' contractors were supposed to go back and take care of that. Since no sane person will occupy an un-air-conditioned structure in the summer in New Orleans (approximately April to November). I assume that any trailer without a working electric meter is unoccupied.

By The Way if anyone wants to experience FEMA style, you can rent my trailer for the weekend, with or without air conditioning. I'd be happy to move to a hotel. I doubt I will get many takers, especially since I would charge about $150.00 a night, (seasonal rates vary) assuming the reservation were made in advance and I could verify payment. There will be no refunds.

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