Saturday, July 15, 2006

Trailer Beer

Trailer beer is defined by the trailer refrigerator.

The shelves in the trailer refrigerator are not tall enough for bottled beer. Bottled beer can't be stored vertically in the space available between the shelves. Canned Beer works much better, the cans are shorter so you can get more in the "refer". Anyone living in a trailer knows you need as much beer on hand as you can get. The problem is that most canned beer isn't that good.

So far I have found that only a few 'premium' breweries provide their products in cans. That is surprising because cans are the best choice in many situations. For example you don't want glass beer bottles by the pool, on the beach, at sporting events or in similar situations.

I have found that Heiniken, Tecate, Amstel Light are the most available. Occasionally you can find Corona, Newcastle Brown Ale and a few others. If anyone knows of any other beer available in cans, I'd like to know what kind and where It is available.

I was recently in the Save-a-Center on Carrolton at the same time a beer sales man was in their checking stock and gave him my full spiel about trailers and beer cans.

I'm pretty sure he thought I was nuts.


Schroeder said...

Abita ought to start selling Restoration Ale in cans! That's the ideal solution to the problem.

Anonymous said...

Sapporo by far is a thing of beauty and I think its made of cast steel.

mominem said...

I think Restoration Ale in 'Trailer Tins' is a great idea. Unfortunately I don't think Abita has the volume to afford the canning machinery.

There used to be a short, stout bottle called a "glass can", which might fit in a trailers "refer" (Dixie, I think used to have them). Abita could use something like that.

Sapporo is very good beer. I especially like the large bottles when I eat sushi. However, they use a unique tall can which is incompatible with the standard trailer "refer".

Michael said...

Guiness is availble in cans, if you like stout.

Brooks said...

Heiner Brau, made in Covington (sort of, the cans are actually done under contract) is a fine brew and the money stays in LA, which, these days, means something. Besides, it's a really good drink. It's not too hard to find at most decently stocked outlets.

mominem said...

Heiner Brau has a locator on their web site. It doesn't appear to work.

Where in the area flooded by the Corps can I buy it in cans? Do they have any better looking cans?

If they can get theirs into cans I'd hope Abita can get theirs into cans also.