Monday, June 26, 2006

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How I became Trailer Trash : Part 1
The Storm

I suppose I should set the scene a little. When Katrina threated we evacuated to Atlanta, we were lucky to have had business in Atlanta for a long time so we knew where we were going. We packed up Saturday, stored our other car in our parking garage and left Saturday evening after dark and drove through the night. There was relatively little traffic and we arrived in Atlanta sleepy but otherwise fine.

The Plan was to wait out the storm in Atlanta and for me to head back as soon as it had passed. This was the same thing we had done in the past, most recently for Ivan which desastated the Alabama coast last year, but that is a story for another post.

I went to work on Monday in Atlanta but kept a close watch on the news. By Monday afternoon I was feeling pretty good. It looked like I would be able to simply drive back home Tuesday morning.

I planned my departure from Atlanta for very early Tuesday morning ( about 2:00 AM) to arrive in New Orleans relatively early in the day, allowing a full day to assess damage, if any, with time to leave again, if necessary.

Monday during the day I had received positive news reports and negative phone calls from friends, who were listening to their local news I assumed they were misinformed.

I was watching CNN (I think) late Monday night when I saw a live report stating that the water was rising in the CBD. I decided to wait and let the situation clarify. It was a very good decision.

to be continued.

Welcome to my World

This is a my Blog about life in Post Katrina New Orleans. I am living in a FEMA trailer in my back yard. I have observed a few things about about trailer living I'd like to share. Hopefully someone will find it useful or amusing, not necessarily in any order.

I don't know whether I'll keep this up or not you'll just have to wait and see.