Thursday, December 27, 2012

Southwest, losing customers one at a time.

I was under the impression that Southwest and Airtran, both owned by Southwest were going to match status for their frequent flyer programs. I did receive a Southwest A-List membership which apparently expires at the end of this year.

Yesterday I was informed that was not the case and that passengers in order to continue that status passengers would need to qualify for the two programs separately.

I fly Airtran when it goes where I need to go and I fly Southwest when it goes where I need to go.

Southwest's attitude toward some of it's best future passengers is puzzling and discouraging.  As a loyal Airtran customers I am already saddened that Airtran's innovative and passenger friendly policies are going to be replaced by Southwest's much different and less convenient policies. Southwest is doing virtually nothing to ease this transition.

It would seem a minor concession to continue the practice of including Airtran A+ Rewards Elite members on Southwest's A list. The cost is small and the goodwill substantial.

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