Monday, December 17, 2007

Spirit of New Years Past,
Spirit of New Years Yet to Come.

For years we have taken a vacation after Christmas. Partly because it's a good time for us to get away and partly because our anniversary falls between Christmas and New Years. We have spent New Years Eve in many interesting places.
  • South Beach (more than once, including 1999)
  • Hollywood, Florida
  • Key West (last year)
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Pensacola Beach, Florida
  • Clearwater FL.
  • Puerto Rico
  • Belize City
  • San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Montego Bay, Jamaica
You may be able to detect a bias toward warm sandy places.

This year we are taking a beginning of the year trip but we aren't leaving until New Years Day. We will add another impressive location to our list, New Orleans.

It occurred to me that after living in New Orleans for many years (actually most of my life) we haven't spent a festive New Years Eve in our home city. Every year we stayed here has been either a small group of friends or a quiet evening at home watching fireworks across the rooftops, sipping champagne.

This year I plan to change that.

We are actively soliciting New Years Eve suggestions from anyone who wants to contribute. The only caveat is we must make a noon flight on New Years Day.


Anonymous said...

Ever been to the fireworks explosions on the neutral ground of Orleans Avenue on NYE?

mominem said...

Never made that scene.
Where on Orleans is it?

If it's near the projects, I doubt there will be much action this year.

Anonymous said...

Its near Delgado Community College between City Park Avenue and Carrollton - a friend's brother lives near there and he has talked about it for years - and the price is right and you don't have to battle the Quarter crowds - the neighbors all come out, blow up their fireworks, make bonfires then disappear - if you have a friend that lives near there maybe cross check it to see if its happening this year

There has also been a corner fireworks explosion at Henry's Bar on the 5100 block of Magazine across the street from Xavier Prep HS - but I am not sure if they still do it post-K

Merry Christmas :)