Saturday, December 08, 2007

We're FEMA Certified!

Last week She got a call from FEMA to make an appointment to meet us at our trailer.

She had stuff to do so I hung out to meet FEMA.

The same person that called showed up at our trailer on Saturday, on time.

Today I met my first actual FEMA employee. Not a contractor, an honest to god actual FEMA critter. She didn't have horns or breath fire and she actually spoke and understood English. She is also in the Guard and has been here for almost a year.

It seems we need to be "recertified" every 90 days. We must show FEMA that we have a housing plan and are "diligently" pursuing it. That's the first I ever heard of that. We developed a housing plan on the spot. I swore "I plan to finish my house as soon as I can, providing that the Road Home cooperates"! That apparently qualifies.

I was told we needed a lease and they didn't have one in their file, although the VIN on our trailer matched the one in their records. I signed an agreement saying that I wouldn't destroy their trailer. They thoughtfully gave me a copy.

I also learned a couple of other interesting facts. Apparently FEMA employees are not allowed to either, give citizens copies of their own files or remove documents from FEMA offices. The government is sooo weird. It's also possible I misunderstood.

Finally neither of us remembers being "certified" to begin with. FEMA has a record of someone "recertifying" us in August - 2006, something neither of us can remember. They wanted a lot of other information like our Road Home account number, which I don't carry around with me, and the amounts of the insurance settlements. I guessed, I'm sorry I just don't have a head for figures.

We had a very nice conversation and I hope I can look forward to another visit (or phone call) in 90 days.


Leigh C. said...

Certified? Or certifiable? ;-)

mominem said...

Which ever you feel appropriate.

From my side it's entirely a matter of perspective.